Trip Home

We left the retreat center at 7:00 PM, and headed to Sonic's for supper,

and then the Citgo for gas. The Alzapiedi 's and Bill are being left behind because of problems with the camper. We left the Citgo parking lot at 10:00 PM, much later than we planned. While we were waiting for the mechanic to show up, a gentleman came over, asked who we were, and said that he saw us on the news that evening. He gave us $100 for food for the trip home. The people here are so generous and appreciative of the work that we are doing down here.

The CBs are not behaving, so we will use cell phones when we need to speak with each other in the vans.

I was asleep during our trip across Louisiana, so I don't know what time we crossed over the Mississippi border. We crossed the Alabama border at 4:45 AM. Breakfast was at the Crackerbarrel
at 6:30 AM. Back on the road, and Georgia is next at 11:40 EST. We are back on Eastern Standard Time. Tennessee is next at 12:00 EST. We are making better time without the camper, as we don't have to make as many stops, but we do miss them as traveling companions.

We crossed into Virginia at 5:30 PM. We have a long way to go to get to Winchester, VA. After a stop for supper, we are back on the road. One more driver change, and we still have about two hours left to get to the Best Western in Winchester, VA. At 11:45 PM, we pulled into the Best Western!!!!!

After a much needed rest, we left the Best Western at 11:00 AM. At 11:40 we crossed into West Virginia, then Maryland at 11:55 AM. Pennsylvania was next at 12:10 PM. Harrisburg at 1:15 PM, then New York at 3:44 PM. We stopped at a diner in Newburgh for a great supper. We arrived at Anna Maria at 8:50 PM. We are home!!!!